About Us

Mody Egypt Tours was founded in 2010 Specialized in tours and travel. which includes tour packages, vacations, Nile cruises, day trips, shore excursions, and any kind of trips in Egypt

as one of the most experienced Tour Operators in Egypt; we provide a wide range of travel and tourism services.

We are a full service destination management company licensed from the Egyptian government (Part of Al SAHEL TRAVEL EGYPT) and member of international travel associations, fully bonded and insured, working with top tour operators from around the world. 

As we know that time is the most precious commodity for any of us and we are much honored when our clients trust us with their requests.

Our team of experts with many years of experience in the travel industry combines proficiency &Ethics with hospitality.

Every client will enjoy a variety of Egypt trips options such as a variety of holiday packages, day tours and more around the magical cities of Cairo, Luxor, Aswan, Alexandria, Sharm El Sheikh and Hurghada that fits everyone by providing the best accommodations, transportations, Nile cruises, Shore Excursions and any other requested services at the most reasonable prices.

We save you time, 
we save you money, 
AND we make sure that your vacation is a memorable one.

Customer satisfaction is our priority N# 1